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Perfect Time For An Engagement Boost: 5 Ideas For Your Easter Campaign

Have you already thought about running an Easter campaign?

No? No problem. There’s still time. Spring is the perfect season to get creative. Use Easter to pick up your customers along the Customer Journey. Play out creative ads for your products, engage your digital audience, and collect valuable first-party data. There are endless possibilities to choose from.

Now, we’d like to share 5 exciting ideas on how you can boost customer engagement with your campaign.

Overcome the “banner blindness” of potential customers

Do you remember the exciting moment when you were addressed with your first and last name in Many users tend to skip banner-like information when scrolling through websites. This has been identified by a number of large-scale studies and termed “banner blindness.” After consumers saw thousands of banner ads, they not only got used to to ignoring them, but purposefully directed their eyes only to the content of the page. So how do you stand out from this endless mass of banner ads?

What’s needed here is innovative content. With targeted call-to-action (CTA) prompts, the content shown must arouse curiosity and offer the user added value. Brame was able to stimulate the play instinct with the help of exciting challenges and thereby increase the click-through rate (CTR) by 30%.

Overcome The Banner Blindness Of Potential Customers | Brame
Overcome the banner blindness of potential customers

Introduce your customers to products in a fun way

Increase audience engagement exponentially and quickly with simple instant wins. Easily collect first-party data and newsletter signups along the way. Invite your customers to take a personality test and instantly show them what type of Easter they are. If you want to be a little more playful, provide them with an Easter calendar.

Target your quiz, game or calendar to existing or prospective customers to get as many players as possible to play your game.

Introduce Your Customers To Products In A Fun Way | Brame
Introduce your customers to products in a fun way

Generate more in-store traffic

Attract customers to your store with a game. Think about what would give your customers an incentive to come to your store. Are many small prizes, such as discount vouchers or snacks, enough, or do you need something more? The shopping giant Coop, for example, has offered a free shopping minute as a prize in the Netherlands. Banks, insurance companies or subscription providers could entice you with discounts or free subscriptions.

As far as the game is concerned, your hands are not tied here either. For example, you can use an Easter Wheel of Fortune, where customers can win a valuable, useful prize within seconds. Make it as easy as possible for the customer. In this way, you lower the inhibition threshold to move from purely online contact to physical contact.

Generate More Traffic In The Store | Brame
Generate more traffic in the store

Bring your customers back online

Personalization offers a wide range of benefits Easter games can also be implemented at the point of sale (POS). The goal is to transfer your customers to your website with the help of on-site games. If you manage to do this, chances are extremely good that you will have a valuable, new regular customer.

For example, organize an egg hunt in your store. Hide shop-themed eggs with a QR code printed on them. The QR code sends your customer on a digital adventure. As another example, you could have your customers complete a small post-purchase riddle, for which they have to guess the solution. This solution word must be entered online. The first milestone has been reached. You can then continue the adventure with the help of a game or let the person participate directly in the competition with the help of a form. This would definitely be an exciting change from everyday life for your customers.

Bring Your Customers Back Online | Brame
Bring your customers back online

Keep your customers loyal

With the help of the above tips and tricks, you are sure to bring good traffic to your website or store. Take advantage of this and offer additional content. A steady flow of high-quality visitors is vital for your success. The content must bring the users, as well as establish you as a provider an advantage.

A well-planned Easter calendar will help you collect customer data, attract customers to the store, and thus generate recurring traffic. Hide exciting prizes, discounts or coupon codes behind colorful Easter eggs and let your customers try their luck every day. The more often users return, the more trust they will have in your brand.

Keep Your Customers Loyal | Brame
Keep your customers loyal


As you can see, Easter offers opportunities to pick up your customers throughout the entire customer journey. Take advantage of this! As you can imagine, the above is just a tiny collection of ideas from a pool that seems almost infinite. Let’s discuss what works best for you, your company and your goals and let the Easter Bunny race begin!

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