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What Is Social Media Gamification?

When companies work game mechanics into their social media strategies, they can harness the powerful motivational pull of gamification. Social media gamification methods include running polls, adding interactive elements, offering rewards for engaging with social posts, promoting marketing games, and encouraging UGC. UGC encompasses all the content created and curated by online users (not companies or brands). Examples Of User-Generated Content Include:
  • Social media posts with text, images, audio, and videos
  • Blogs
  • Forum questions and answers
  • Videos hosted on YouTube and other platforms
  • Product reviews
Many industries and sectors, such as health, education, retail, and ecommerce, have harnessed gamification to improve customer engagement and boost sales.

Examples Of Games You Can Run On Social Media

The power of gamification is not new to social media creators. The most popular social technologies (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram) feature polling, tagging, mentioning, and emoji-like reactions. These features solicit responses to boost interactivity and create a sense of community. Feedback features often spark competition: seeing which posts get the most ‘likes’ or the thrill of posting a controversial question to draw out reactions from others. Businesses can use these gamification features to understand customer behaviors better and sell them the right products.
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