Gamification in Radio: How Top Radio Stations Inspire Their Listeners

· 17/06/2023

In this roundtable, together with our guests from Antenne Düsseldorf, PFD Pressefunk GmbH and Westfunk Media, delve into the role of Gamification in the radio sector. We discuss how incorporating interactive elements in broadcasting can significantly influence KPIs such as listener engagement and retention.

This session highlights the successful implementation of these gamification strategies and their measurable impact on enhancing radio stations’ digital presence and local marketing efforts. The experts provide insights into the practical application of these tools, demonstrating their effectiveness in the radio industry. For radio professionals looking to understand the tangible benefits of digital engagement strategies, this recording offers valuable perspectives on using Gamification to retain audiences and strengthen brand identity.


Saskia Salomon

Antenne Düsseldorf

Alexander Maus

PFD Pressefunk GmbH

Jan Stender

Westfunk Media

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