7 Ideas For Your Next Easter Marketing Campaign

With Easter being the next festive holiday, we’re sure your Easter Marketing ideas are lined up! 

Before you etch your ideas in stone, indulge in some fun ideas we have for your next spring campaign. Easter Sunday falls on the 31st of March in 2024, leaving you with ample time to get those festive ideas cooking. 

Spring is the perfect season to get creative with marketing ideas and create an engaging space for your target audience to play a role in.

Easter provides a fun and engaging way to attract new customers to your product or service. Invest in interactive marketing efforts and produce creative ads and special promotions for your brand. Engaging your digital audience is paramount when collecting valuable first-party data. 

Produce valuable content related to Easter that aligns with your brand. This could be blog posts, videos, or infographics that provide useful information or entertainment. Use content analytics to understand what content performs best and drives engagement.

There are endless possibilities to choose from for the festive sales season. 

Now, we’d like to share 7 exciting ideas for how you can boost customer engagement and holiday sales with your Easter marketing campaign.

1. Overcome The “Banner Blindness” Of Potential Customers

Many customers or potential customers tend to skip banner-like information when scrolling through websites or social media platforms. 

This phenomenon has been identified by a number of large-scale studies and has been termed “banner blindness.” 

After consumers saw thousands of banner ads, they not only got used to ignoring them, but purposefully directed their eyes only to the content of the page. 

So how do you stand out from this endless mass of banner ads?

What’s needed here is more innovative marketing tactics. With targeted call-to-action (CTA) prompts, the content shown must arouse curiosity and offer the viewer added value. Brame was able to stimulate the play instinct with the help of exciting gaming challenges in marketing strategies, thereby increasing the click-through rate (CTR) by 30%. 

Utilize native ads that blend seamlessly with the content of your website. These ads match the look, feel, and function of the media format where they appear, making them less intrusive and more likely to be noticed and engaged with by users.

Regularly perform A/B testing on your banner ads to determine what works best. Testing different designs, placements, and messaging allows you to understand what captures attention and drives engagement in your audience. User-generated content is a powerful tool for a successful marketing plan. 

Limit how often the same Easter-themed ad is shown to a user to prevent fatigue and maintain the novelty of the campaign.

2. Introduce Your Customers To Products In A Fun Way

Introduce Your Customers To Products In A Fun Way
Introduce Your Customers To Products In A Fun Way

Increasing audience engagement exponentially and quickly with simple instant wins, discount coupons, gift baskets, and special offers for Easter giveaways is important in capturing your audience’s attention.

It is also a great way to easily collect first-party data and newsletter signups along the way. Invite your customers to take a personality test and instantly show them what type of Easter celebrator they are. If you want to be a little more playful, give them an Easter advent calendar.

Target your quiz, game, or calendars to existing or prospective customers to attract as many players as possible to take part in playing your games.

Offer mystery boxes with an Easter theme. These could contain a random assortment of products, samples, and exclusive items, adding an element of surprise and excitement for customers. 

Collaborate with artists to create limited edition Easter-themed artwork or collectibles. These exclusive items can attract collectors and art enthusiasts. And, for businesses in the wellness industry, host an Easter-themed retreat or event focusing on renewal and rejuvenation, aligned with the theme of spring and new beginnings.

3. Generate More In-Store Traffic

Attract customers to your store with gamified promotions like a live game or special prize event. Think about what would give your customers an incentive to come to your store. 

Are many small prizes, such as discount vouchers or snacks, enough, or do you need something more? The shopping giant Coop, for example, has offered a free shopping minute as a prize in the Netherlands. Banks, insurance companies or subscription providers could entice you with discounts or free subscriptions.

As far as the game is concerned, your hands are not tied here either. For example, you can use other exciting promotion ideas like an Easter Wheel of Fortune, where customers can win a valuable, useful prize within seconds. Make it as easy as possible for the customer. In this way, you lower the inhibition threshold to move from purely online contact to physical contact.

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As another example, organize an egg hunt in your store. Hide shop-themed eggs with a QR code printed on them. The QR code sends your customer on a digital adventure. As another example, you could have your customers complete a small post-purchase riddle, for which they have to guess the solution. 

This solution word must be entered online. Once the first milestone is reached, you can then continue the adventure with the help of a game or let the person participate directly in the competition with the help of a signup form. This would definitely be an exciting change from other tired past Easter marketing campaigns. everyday life for your customers.

Keep in mind that some of your Easter customers may be parents. Ensure there are interactive games fit for all age groups as this will increase the chances of gaining more loyal customers and creating a fun time for all.

4. Bring Your Customers Back Online

Bring Your Customers Back Online
Bring Your Customers Back Online

Personalization offers a wide range of benefits and business opportunities. Easter holiday campaign games and activities can also be implemented at the point of sale (POS). 

The goal is to transfer your customers to your website with the help of on-site games. Successfully managing this idea will increase the chances of your brand gaining valuable, new, regular customers.

Host a digital egg design contest where participants can design their own Easter eggs using a web-based tool or app. Winners could feature their designs in your marketing materials or receive special prizes.

Develop an interactive Easter story on your website or social media, where the audience can vote on what happens next. This story could creatively involve your products or services.

Tying in with the above, encourage users to share their Easter stories or memories, which could be featured on your website or social media. This not only generates content but also builds a community feel.

Think about influencer marketing and partnering with influencers who can create unique Easter content for an interesting collaboration idea, such as Easter fashion, home decor, or festive recipes. 

Influencers can help extend the reach of your campaign and bring authenticity to your brand through social media posts and limited-edition product advertising.  

5. Keep Your Customers Loyal

Take advantage of the innovative marketing strategies you have at your disposal and offer additional engaging and informative content that improves customer relationships with your brand. A steady flow of high-quality visitors is vital for your brand’s success. 

The content must catch the attention of users, as well as establish your brand as a provider in an advantageous position. Offer personalized Easter messages or greetings from your brand, possibly integrating customer names or specific details into a video or digital card format—host special events (online or offline) exclusively for loyal customers. 

This could be a VIP early access to your Easter sale, an exclusive online Easter workshop, or a special Easter-themed webinar.

A well-planned Easter calendar will help you collect helpful customer data, attract new customers to the store, and thus generate recurring traffic.

Create Easter-themed challenges or games where loyal customers can earn rewards. This could be completing a certain number of purchases, referring friends, or sharing Easter-themed posts on social media.

6. Have Your Customers Get Creative 

Help your customers feel included in your marketing contributions. Consider creating an Easter-themed craft challenge where your audience has the opportunity to submit their Easter recipes or arts and crafts. 

Not only does this show your customers you care about what they have to contribute but it provides a clever way of showcasing your brand’s customer engagement and loyalty. Plus, by showing the best entries from customers on your website and social media platforms, contributors can stand to win more prizes for their creations, only improving their relationship with your brand. 

For fashion retailers, it’s an excellent opportunity to host a virtual fashion show where customers showcase how they style their spring holiday clothes for Easter. This can be done through a livestream event or a social media photo campaign. 

Host an art or photography contest with an Easter theme. This could be drawing or painting Easter scenes or photographing Easter-themed photo moments. Display the winning entries on your website or social media to reach a broader audience. 

7. Keep It Eco-Friendly 

Keep It Eco-Friendly
Keep It Eco-Friendly

We are living in a time where most of the population is doing their best to keep our environment safe and free of waste. A large portion of your audience likely cares about environmentally friendly practices; therefore, so should you. 

During the Easter holiday season, the amount of discarded waste like plastic wrappers and packaging tends to increase twofold. Think about, if you haven’t already, using sustainable and biodegradable materials in your products or services. 

People respect brands that respect the environment; hence, it can only benefit your campaigns and general store operations. 

Consider promoting sustainability by launching an eco-friendly Easter campaign. This could include planting a tree for every purchase, offering products made from recyclable materials, or organizing community clean-up events.

In need of a few more tips for your Easter campaign? We’ve prepared 7 Easter advertising ideas.

Successful Easter Campaign Examples 

Oftentimes, we learn from the best, so here are our top choices for successful Easter campaigns of last year.

Cadbury And Ogilvy 

Cadbury and Ogilvy Melbourne harnessed the immersive capabilities of VR to transform the traditional Easter egg hunt into a digital experience. This approach allowed users to participate in the egg hunt remotely, offering an innovative twist to the classic Easter activity.

The first person to spot an egg and comment on its location on the video was rewarded. The rewards were real Cadbury chocolates, bridging the gap between the digital experience and tangible gratification.


IKEA introduced a unique product for Easter – the Vårkänsla, a flat-pack chocolate Easter bunny. This product cleverly combined the tradition of Easter chocolate with IKEA’s iconic flat-pack furniture concept.

True to IKEA’s style, the Vårkänsla came in flat packaging with instructions for assembly. Customers could enjoy the novel experience of assembling their own 3D chocolate bunny, akin to the experience of assembling IKEA furniture.

The campaign gained significant attention on social media platforms and in the news. It was praised for its humorous and creative approach, which not only entertained customers but also reinforced IKEA’s reputation for innovation and playful design.


Deliveroo offered limited-edition, Game of Thrones-themed dragon eggs through its mobile app. These eggs were available in select cities across the UK. The timing was likely planned to coincide with the heightened public interest in Game of Thrones, a widely popular television series at the time.

The dragon eggs were designed to be colorful and sparkly, making them visually distinctive and appealing. This design choice not only made the eggs desirable as collectibles but also encouraged sharing on social media, as customers would post pictures of these unique items.


One of Brame’s many customer success stories is BIPA. Being one of the largest drugstore chains in Austria, BIPA was looking for a creative way to increase traffic and engagement with its brand for Easter. 

Brame helped BIPA harness the power of gamification by developing an interactive Easter Dropper Game that, at the same time, resonated with the brand’s existing campaigns. The aim was to have players compete with one another, and those earning high points were rewarded with loyalty benefits. 

Predictions For Easter 2024

Based on trends and patterns observed in previous years, we can make some educated guesses on what Easter 2024 could look like. Take a look at the numbers Easter 2023 reached: 

  • In 2023, 81% of Americans were predicted to observe Easter, with expenditures totaling $24 billion. This figure represented a significant 15.4% rise from the previous year. If the percentage increase continues this year, it will be another Easter success in the US. 
  • The most popular Easter purchase was candy, with 90% of people planning to buy the treats, totaling an expected expenditure of $3.3 billion. This trend is likely to maintain its growth for 2024. 
  • The price of eggs increased by 75% in February 2023 compared to the previous year, significantly affecting the cost of traditional Easter egg decorating. This is likely to remain the same or similar for this year under the current economic conditions. 
  • The average spend per household for Easter was an estimated $192.01, a 13.1% increase from $169.79 in 2022. This year, the trend is likely going to increase as it has in previous years. 

Keep in mind these are just predictions based on past Easter campaign data and may change slightly or feature new trends the closer we approach the Easter season. 

Key Takeaways

As you can see, the Easter season offers many marketing opportunities to entertain your customers throughout the entire customer journey. 

So, let’s imagine a different kind of Easter, one where your customers aren’t just on the sidelines. They’re right there in the thick of it, hands deep in paint, flour, or whatever it takes to create something special. 

They’re not just buying a product; they’re part of a story, your brand’s story, and they’re helping to write it in the most vibrant colors.

This springtime holiday opens up many possibilities for businesses to dazzle and bond with their audience. It’s more than bunnies and eggs; it’s an invitation to introduce the festive Easter environment into your marketing story and holiday promotion efforts. 

Embrace this season’s joyful energy and let your Easter-related content spring to life.

Determine what works best for you, your brand, and your goals, and let the Easter hunt begin.

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