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Case Intro | Brame
Customer highlight
Case Logo | Brame
The Mexican retail chain OXXO, which offers everyday goods in its local stores all over Latin America, wanted to increase its brand awareness in Peru. With the use of a digital scratch card, participants could not only win a lot of attractive instant goodies but also a grand prize in the form of an exciting 20-second challenge. The campaign was advertised throughout Peru on OXXO’s social media channels. With great success.
Sparfeature | Brame
Customer highlight
Spar Logo | Brame
SPAR Friends initiated a Memory Game to show the advantages of being a loyalty program member and driving signups for the app. In order to claim the prize after the game, people had to sign up for the program and download the app. The campaign was advertised in SPAR flyer and at POS with poster, website and social media.
Case Intro Mcdonalds Scratchcard | Brame
Customer highlight
Mcdonalds Logo | Brame
McDonald’s was able to noticeably increase frequency at participating restaurants with a digital scratch card campaign produced in Brame’s software. The targeted selection of prices generated additional sales and increased sales by over 60% during the campaign period. An impressive success story.
Case Intro Seat Spinthewheel | Brame
Customer highlight
Usecase Logo Seat | Brame
Motivating potential customers to take a test drive is one of the supreme disciplines in automotive marketing. SEAT was faced with the problem of having a lot of traffic on its website, but knowing nothing about its visitors. With the creative combination of a wheel of fortune and a personality test, lead conversion was massively increased which resulted in more signups for test drives.
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