Delight Your Guests and Transform Them into Returning Customers in Tourism

· 27/06/2023

In the dynamic world of tourism, key success factors include creating memorable experiences for travelers, increasing engagement, and fostering destination loyalty. As we navigate the digital age, the initial engagement of travelers becomes crucial. Here, Gamification emerges as a transformative tool. Be prepared to see the tourism industry through a lens of innovation, uniquely tailored to the needs of Liechtenstein Marketing, Just Away, and Aqua Spa Resorts.

Brame, in collaboration with these distinguished tourism partners, invites you to an exclusive pre-recorded roundtable discussion. This event will highlight how gamification strategies can elevate the tourism experience, drawing from real-world applications and successes. We’ll explore how these innovative practices can significantly improve key performance indicators in the tourism sector, offering a fresh perspective on enhancing traveler engagement and satisfaction.


Martin Knöpfel

Lead Marketing & Communication - Lichtenstein Marketing

Neda Firouzi

Social Media & Cooperations Manager - Just Away

Josef Molnar

Marketing & Communication Manager - Aqua Spa Resorts

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