Is Gamification The Future Of Metaverse Marketing?

Even as a conceptual work-in-progress, the metaverse has already shaped modern marketing. This internet evolution promises to bring participants even closer to digital experiences with an immersive, real-time platform and new integrations.

As Meta works to eliminate the barrier of distance, brands have the unique opportunity to get even closer to customers. So, how can companies compete and hook consumers into web3?

From here and now to its final form, the metaverse builds on existing technology and trends. Gamification might be the link that carries marketers into the future.

The Here and Now – More Personalized

A 2017 Epsilon survey reported that 90% of consumers find brand personalization appealing. What if you could handpick the NFTs in your wallet, teleport at your leisure, and join ‘you had to be there’ digital events that take shape in real time? Demand for individual control and choice are at an all-time high.

The metaverse is designed to give modern consumers what they want: personalized experiences with fewer barriers to access.

Gamified marketing follows the same trend. For example, luck-based mini games like Spin the Wheel, Scratch Card, and Slot Machine are an easy way to personalize experiences and provide randomized outcomes. And because these strategies are based on recognizable, familiar games, the shift into digital marketing feels seamless for customers.

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The Here and Now – More Personalized

The Next Stage – More Accessible

Currently, Brame offers three formats (direct link, iFrame, and file download) to share marketing games in multiple locations. Reaching across social media, page banners, landing pages, pop-ups, apps, and newsletters is impressive, but that’s just the beginning.

Integrations and interactivity are at the heart of Zuckerberg’s vision for the metaverse. Tokens purchased in one game will transfer to others; VR experiences offered in one location will seamlessly apply to the next.

This higher level of connectivity makes it easier for brands to access consumers anywhere, anytime and get more ‘mileage’ out of marketing dollars. However, it also increases the risk of distraction. Keeping consumers engaged and focused will be even more vital in the metaverse.

Even with current technology limitations, Research and Markets recently found that gamification can increase customer acquisitions by 700%. And in one of Brame’s use cases, mini games were proven to raise player return rates by 900%.

  • New levels, updates, and releases can keep customers coming back.
  • Quizzes, surveys, and tests can provide valuable data to improve retargeting.
  • Personalized challenges and leaderboards can sustain attention over a longer period of time.
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The Next Stage – More Accessible

The Final Form – More Immersive

Forward-thinking companies can draw shoppers into web3 with the familiar comfort of a playful game. Then, buyer psychology strategies work to keep them engaged, active, and eager. What will immersive metaverse shopping experiences look like in the future?

  • Customers may scan aisles for hidden coupons in a gamified treasure hunt. Parallel storefronts increase access for everyone, using AR on location and VR in the metaverse.
  • Personality tests and quizzes may unlock virtual accessories for avatars to share and wear their results across the metaverse.
  • AI shopping assistants may use AR technology and holograms to visualize recommend products in closets or cupboards alongside exclusive collectibles.
  • Customers may collect digital replicas of real-world purchases and earn loyalty points for every brand item that is scanned at home.
  • Popular mini games, like Dope or Nope and Guess the Picture, may become more immersive with physical VR controls, voice commands, or group gameplay in shopping social clubs.
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The Final Form – More Immersive

No one knows exactly how the metaverse will develop, but one thing is clear: gamification is a powerful foundation to build on. Play and push boundaries with Brame.

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