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Omnichannel Mastery: Würth’s Gamified Approach to Engaging Customers Across Channels

Würth identified the profound potential of gamification in reshaping the omnichannel retail experience, transforming it into an immersive journey that not only captivates customers but also solidifies their loyalty. By integrating game mechanics with their in-store and digital touchpoints, Würth succeeded in enhancing the attention customers paid to their offerings while simultaneously strengthening the bond between consumers and the iconic Würth brand.

Who is Würth?

Würth, a prominent fastening and assembly technology name from Germany, was founded in 1945 and has since become synonymous with quality, reliability, and a keen sense for the evolving needs of various industries. From its initial founding place in Künzelsau, the Würth Group has grown to become a sprawling global business across 80 countries, an achievement nothing short of remarkable.

Their extensive portfolio, ranging from simple screws to sophisticated tools and safety products, showcases the company’s commitment to supporting private customers and businesses, no matter if big or small. Their emphasis on strong customer relationships and direct sales models has allowed them to fully resonate with their client’s needs. For Würth, every interaction isn’t merely a transaction but a testament to their long tradition, which builds on trust, quality, and innovation, ensuring customers benefit from their products and genuinely value their relationship with the iconic brand.


Bridging Tactile Assurance with Digital Efficiency: The Importance of Omnichannel in the Fastening and Assembly Technology Sector

In the fastening and assembly technology world, the line between a successful and unsuccessful project can often depend on the subtle details of the materials used. It’s an industry where the tactile experience of a product is essential, but so is the efficiency, speed, and ease at which those materials can be sourced. This contrast underscores the pressing need for an omnichannel approach in the industry. Blending the tangibility offered by offline stores with the boundless possibilities of online platforms offering online shopping and near-time delivery creates a harmonious customer journey that’s as informed as it is efficient.

Professionals and amateurs alike want the reassurance of physically examining a product’s suitability while also enjoying the convenience of easy online ordering. An omnichannel approach ensures this by fostering environments where customers can ‘feel’ and assess products firsthand, then swiftly and conveniently order them in the quantities required, delivered directly to their sites or workshops. It simplifies decision-making and reduces the effort traditionally involved in material procurement, making the process more intuitive and user-centric.

In a sector where precision and reliability are paramount, an omnichannel approach isn’t just a strategy—it’s a commitment to enhancing customer journeys and strengthen brand relationships. This is why Würth decided to incorporate an additional element to complement their omnichannel strategy: digital touchscreens in their Würth stores. The goal was to display special offers as well as product information on these screens to provide customers with additional touchpoints and knowledge.

Gamifying the Omnichannel Experience: A Strategic Move for Würth

In the ever-evolving retail landscape, gamification emerges as a fitting tool to bridge the two worlds of in-store shopping and the efficiency and ease of use the digital sphere offers and construct a strategically important omnichannel approach. Applying gamification to the mix has multiple benefits for a company like Würth. Firstly, gamification enables seamless connections between the different channels used in bot the on- and offline worlds. Imagine entering a Würth store and scanning a QR code at the Point of Sale, which will take you online and instantly immerses you in an interactive, gamified quiz that helps you to better understand certain product features. Not only does it enhance product knowledge through playful content, but it also solidifies the bond between tactile and digital experiences.

Moreover, gamification elevates the in-store journey. Customers leave with a heightened sense of achievement, whether due to newfound product insights or a special discount won through an engaging gamified quiz promoted in-store. This positive resonance builds a lasting connection and encourages repeat visits, thereby driving footfall: the excitement of redeeming online-won prizes in-store creates a cyclical interaction between the customer’s digital and physical shopping environments.

Beyond these evident advantages, gamification in the fastening and assembly technology sector can also streamline complex product choices, guiding users through interactive scenarios that help determine the ideal product fit, for example, by creating an interactive “product-finder”.


Partnering with Brame

When Würth was looking for a solution to enhance their in-store experience with touchscreens to improve their omnichannel approach, their goal was clear: to encourage customers to engage more with the screens and the products showcased. Yet, initial reluctance from shop visitors to interact with the screens signaled a need for a more captivating approach. Würth’s aim was to find an innovative solution to incentivize customers to use the digital screens in the stores to immerse themselves in the omnichannel customer journey.

This is where Brame stepped in. Together with Würth, who voiced their challenges to Brame, they designed an interactive spin-the-wheel campaign meant to blend fun with information. The objective was threefold: first, customers should be motivated to interact with the screens by offering the thrill of the spin-the-wheel game. Second, incentivized by the prize waiting for them after completing the game, customers were asked to leave their contact details so that Würth could nurture the leads later on. And lastly, customers should be encouraged to delve deeper into the content displayed to learn more about Würth’s products, leading them to a more informed purchase.

The approach Würth worked out with Brame wasn’t just effective, it was transformational, prompting the Austrian fastening and assembly business to implement this strategy across all 70 of its Austrian stores. But it wasn’t just the results that solidified Würth’s trust in Brame. The seamless implementation experience, wherein Brame took Würth’s basic concepts and elevated them to more refined, visually appealing campaigns, was a testament to Brame’s focus on personalization and putting the customer first. Moreover, the scalability of the campaigns, allowing other store outlets or even further countries within the Würth network to adopt them with minor tweaks, underscores the long-term value of this partnership.

For Würth, teaming up with Brame wasn’t just about a single successful campaign; it marked the beginning of a future where in-store engagements and a true omnichannel approach are constantly innovated, optimized, and amplified.

Results: Impressive Outcomes through Gamification

Check out the games that Würth released, and the outcomes they achieved!

Spin the Wheel

Würth’s first experience with gamification was a thorough success. Elevating the in-store screen experience with the captivating, gamified spin-the-wheel concept, Würth successfully attracted their customers’ attention and led them to start using the screens in-store frequently. By offering the chance to win enticing prizes, Würth further persuaded a significant number of customers to leave their contact details. Moreover, customers leave the stores with a positive feeling, since they received an additional prize by simply engaging with the brand. Talking in numbers, the campaign achieved a conversion rate of more than 62% and an even higher newsletter conversion rate of nearly 80%, providing Würth with high-quality leads.

Slot Machine

Recognizing the potential of gamification to help bring their omnichannel approach to the next level, Würth expanded the approach to all 70 of their Austrian stores by installing in-store screens in every outlet. To kick off this significant next step, they introduced a new, interactive slot machine game to captivate and engage their customer base nationwide. Once again, the campaign not only met, but even exceeded Würth’s expectations by attracting more than 5,000 visits in no time. This second campaign confirmed that gamification is the right strategy to improve the customer engagement and in-store screen usage in the long term, allowing Würth to advance its omnichannel strategy significantly.

Lessons Learned: Optimizing Würths Gamified Omnichannel Approach

On their journey with gamification, Würth has gained some key insights that have shaped their future marketing trajectory. One important realization was the significance of the strategic placement of the in-store screens. Positioning their screens, which act as the game touchpoints, close to on-sale products naturally guided customers towards these items, while placing screens near the cashiers captured their attention just before leaving, incentivizing them to immerse themselves once again in the omnichannel experience. Additionally, the promotion for both games, the initial spin the wheel and the slot machine, was spread across varied channels — from in-store flyers and personal mentions by sales staff to digital channels like newsletters and social media platforms, ensuring customers would be reached on whatever channel they preferred.

Crucial to Würth’s success was not only the mere application of gamification but its consistent use for the longer term. By continuously refreshing game types and strategically leveraging online and offline promotional avenues, Würth strategically used the omnichannel approach. This helped the company attract customers and foster deeper engagement, cementing their position as a forward-thinking leader in the fastening and assembly technology sector.

Taking a Look into the Future

As Würth envisions its future marketing efforts, the significance of an integrated omnichannel strategy remains undisputed. Würth will keep aiming to provide a seamless and rewarding experience across all customer touchpoints and is convinced that gamification is the right strategic element to elevate its omnichannel approach.

In addition to using gamification for their omnichannel strategy, Würth also wants to incorporate it specifically for its ecommerce channel. One idea that could be explored in the future is the integration of pop-ups on their website that feature a captivating, gamified campaign to reduce the bounce rate of customers wanting to exit before completing their purchase online. By capturing visitors’ attention just as they contemplate leaving, these interactive tools could encourage customers to stay in the web shop for longer, and, incentivized by a win, reconsider leaving without making a purchase first.

Another topic that Würth will likely look into is enhancing the Würth app experience. The prospect of introducing exclusive in-app games using a ‘play, download/sign up & win’ format could be an effective strategy to drive app installations and enrich the app and overall omnichannel experience.

Würth’s imaginations for the future don’t stop there, however. Since the in-person sales force at the Würth stores represents an important customer touchpoint, the assembly and fastening company envisions an innovated approach to personal interaction, for example by offering customers to use VR glasses for an even more immersive customer experience.

Looking beyond the point of purchase, Würth also sees potential in introducing post-purchase game elements. This concept envisions offering customers chances to win added products or discounts after they complete a purchase, aiming to create lasting impressions and inspire return visits.

While these ideas are in their exploratory phase, their alignment with Würth’s overarching omnichannel focus underscores the company’s commitment to continuous innovation and customer-centricity that they are convinced they can achieve through gamifying the omnichannel approach.

Want to hear even more about Würth’s approach to gamification? Then have a look at the Webinar Würth held together with Brame here.




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