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In the fast-evolving landscape of digital marketing, 2024 presents groundbreaking opportunities and challenges. Our latest eBook delves into the pivotal marketing trends defining this year, providing a comprehensive guide for businesses aiming to stay ahead of the curve.
Our eBook explores Gen Z's motivations, preferences, decreasing attention span, and essential best practices in marketing to this generation.
In the dynamic world of fitness, key to success are enhanced membership retention, consistent workout engagement, and elevated customer satisfaction. In the digital age, the secret to achieving these goals lies in engaging both potential and existing clients from the outset. Gamification stands as a pivotal element in this strategy.
Customer Case
Würth Austria uses Brame's gamification solution in omnichannel marketing to increase engagement and cleverly connect different channels. In the webinar, Würth will also focus on how they were able to increase the usage of the new in-store touchscreens in 5 pilot branches.
Whether it's more high-quality leads, the interactive transfer of knowledge and more advisory appointments and account openings: In the digital age, it is important to involve potential and existing customers right from the start. A driving force behind this is gamification.
Revolutionizing tourism involves key elements: deepening traveler engagement, enriching their experiences, and building strong loyalty towards destinations. In this digital era, the initial engagement of travelers is more crucial than ever.

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