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Beyond The Lottery Ticket: How Swisslos Uses Gamification To Engage and Nurture

Recognizing the undeniable potential of gamification for creating an immersive experience, Swisslos employed this interactive marketing strategy not just to momentarily engage players, but to nurture and establish long-term loyalty. By incorporating game mechanisms across both traditional and digital touchpoints, Swisslos successfully enhanced user engagement, bolstering the connection between consumers and the Swisslos brand.

Who Is Swisslos?

The name Swisslos has become synonymous with dreams, possibilities, and entertainment in Switzerland. Established in 1937, this respected institution stands tall as a symbolic figure in the Swiss gaming and lottery sector. Over the decades, Swisslos has diversified its portfolio, consisting of a wide range of products from national lotteries like Swiss Lotto to instant ticket games and captivating sports bets.

But Swisslos is not just about fun and games. At its core, the company is profoundly committed to the Swiss community. A significant portion of its revenues is channeled back into public welfare, supporting many projects in the fields of culture, sports, and the environment. This dedication ensures that every ticket purchased, and every bet placed, extends beyond mere entertainment – it’s a commitment to the betterment of Switzerland itself.

With its rich history, expansive product range, and persistent dedication to the community, Swisslos doesn’t merely offer games; it provides experiences, hopes, and contributions that resonate deeply within the heart of Switzerland.


Lead Nurturing In The Gambling Industry: Beyond The Numbers To Genuine Engagement

The gambling industry, bustling with competition, offers more than just games; it provides experiences and fuels dreams for the future. In this dynamic landscape, merely catching the attention of potential players is no longer enough. Research indicates that converting a prospect into a customer typically requires between 7 to 13 touchpoints. This signifies the critical importance of lead nurturing — a deliberate and tailored strategy aimed at cultivating relationships with customers throughout their journey. It’s not just about the numbers but about understanding, anticipating, and fulfilling each individual’s diverse needs and preferences.

Swisslos has recognized and embraced the importance of this strategy. Their structured approach to lead nurturing includes four pivotal stages: Firstly, by generating leads for their newsletter, they transition mere prospects into potential players that can be targeted with promotional material. Secondly, they channel efforts to convert these potentials into registered users. The third stage is the activation of these users, prompting them to transition from mere registrants to active players. Finally, the journey doesn’t end at the first play: Swisslos is deeply invested in user retention, fostering loyalty for repeated engagement.

However, due to the complexities of this nurturing process, Swisslos identified the need for innovation. They were driven not just by the desire to attract new players but to captivate them and establish loyalty. To do so, Swisslos needed a strategic element that provided prospects with several touchpoints to convert them into loyal customers.

Swisslos and Gamification: A Match Made in Marketing Heaven

In the gambling industry, elements of thrill, reward, and competition are paramount. This realm, where players eagerly anticipate the roll of a dice or the draw of a card, is inherently driven by the psychology of engagement and achievement. Given this backdrop, it’s hardly surprising that Swisslos saw an evident alignment with gamification when looking for more innovative marketing strategies. Gamification, after all, is almost a natural extension of their core business, as the industry thrives on the dynamic interplay of challenge, reward, and repetition. Gamification amplifies these foundational elements, integrating them seamlessly into marketing campaigns and engagement strategies.

In the world of lead nurturing, gamification stands out as a powerful trigger. Swisslos’s detailed nurturing process, starting with the generation of leads and moving to the critical point of user retention, can be strategically supplemented with gamified elements. For example, gamification can be used to create an interactive digital Slot Machine, which, due to its nature, can generate a significant amount of leads from customers willingly leaving their contact details to collect the prize that awaits after the successful completion of the game. By giving away gaming credits, players can be enticed to use these credits for games or bets from Swisslos and to use their own money afterwards. By launching new games regularly and promoting them across different channels and in their newsletter, Swisslos creates several touchpoints to nurture their leads and strengthen the bond between themselves and the users, ensuring sustained engagement.

For Swisslos, turning to gamification wasn’t just about adopting a trend. It was a strategic maneuver to enhance their user experience, blending the familiar with the innovative and magnifying what truly captivates their audience in the gambling world.

Swisslos and Brame – Allies in the Game

Swisslos’s decision to choose Brame as their gamification partner was a strategic move that offered many advantages. The seamless integration of Brame’s platform into Swisslos’s webpage via iFrame complemented the user flow. Another standout feature was the autonomy the SaaS provided: Swisslos could effortlessly and swiftly configure an array of games tailored to their needs. Brame’s platform further showcases its adaptability by allowing games to be configured in multiple languages, including German, French, Italian, and English, catering to Switzerland’s linguistic diversity. In contrast to previous experiences Swisslos made with tailored implementations from agencies, Brame’s SaaS is both scalable and efficient. Furthermore, the real-time analytics dashboard provided by Brame presents Swisslos with an all-encompassing view of user interactions and behaviors and helps them better understand what games are most liked by players.

The collaboration went beyond just software implementation. Brame’s commitment to understanding and aligning with Swisslos’s strategy was evident in the hands-on workshops they conducted together. These sessions aimed to determine the best-fitting solutions tailored to Swisslos’s unique needs. Moreover, Brame’s continuously evolving game library opens doors to fresh opportunities, ensuring that Swisslos is always at the forefront of innovation in gamification.

Results: Impressive Outcomes through Gamification

Check out the games that Swisslos released, and the outcomes they achieved!

Swisslos Swipe Quiz

As their first campaign, created to collect leads, Swisslos launched an engaging Swipe Quiz centered around its brand, aiming to generate leads and guide them further down the lead nurturing funnel. By offering prizes like an iPhone and game credits to be redeemed for the Swisslos portfolio, Swisslos aimed to motivate users to register, set up accounts, and finally, convert them into active players using the incentive of CHF100 game credit vouchers. This campaign’s success was evident in its impressive KPIs: nearly 13,000 unique visitors and an outstanding 59% conversion rate speak for themselves. In addition, the campaign achieved an engagement time of 80 seconds, proofing that players fully engaged with the quiz that educated them about the Swisslos brand.

World Cup ‘Guess the Picture’ Campaign

In tune with the World Cup spirit, Swisslos launched a ‘Guess the Picture’ campaign, focusing on the lead nurturing stages 2 and 3 of increasing user sign-ups and active players. Prizes took the form of 10CHF game credits, serving as an appealing incentive. Once again, the campaign was a complete success, with over 10,000 games played during the World Cup. The lead conversion of 58% was even more impressive, showcasing the effectiveness of interactive gamification campaigns.

The Easter Dropper Delight

Swisslos’s Easter Dropper was amongst the most engaging and interactive campaigns Swisslos had launched, touching upon every step of the lead nurturing process. Swisslos aimed to attract potential leads, incentivize sign-ups and plays, and offer a fun way to engage with the Swisslos brands to foster a sense of trust and loyalty leading to repeated plays. By providing attractive prizes like game credits and shopping vouchers, Swisslos ensured that whether or not players were existing customers, an incentive for participation was provided. The campaign’s success was evident: 38,000 games played and a 64% lead conversion rate are astonishing but even more meaningful was the great feedback Swisslos got from players – nothing speaks more for loyalty than happy customers!

Turning on the Christmas Spirit 

The Advent Calendar from Swisslos was a remarkable success, creating a daily interactive touchpoint with customers throughout the festive Advent season. By doing so, the visibility of the brand was significantly increased. 

The calendar attracted nearly 230,000 unique visitors and delivered 32,500 unique leads, of which 56% were DOI-verified. 

Apart from generating leads, however, the Advent Calendar was a strategic move by Swisslos to deepen relationships and build loyalty with existing customers while also attracting new potential by offering them memorable and distinctive experiences.

The results of this campaign clearly prove the efficacy of gamification in enhancing customer interactions and show just how creative this tool can be used. 

Lessons Learned by Swisslos in Gamification-Driven Lead Nurturing

Swisslos’s journey into gamification for lead nurturing provided invaluable learnings, especially in the nuanced use of game types and prizes tailored to each stage of the nurturing process. In the initial phase of generating leads, high converter games like ‘Spin the Wheels’ proved incredibly effective. Instant gratification, in the form of monetary rewards or products, enhanced the allure of these games, driving higher engagement and conversion. As the focus shifted to activating and engaging users, the game dynamics evolved. More interactive games, such as dropper games, took center stage, combined with prizes such as a game credits that can be redeemed for bets being the ideal incentive.

Another learning Swisslos made was the effectiveness of social ads to promote gamified campaigns, underscoring the power of social media marketing. Similarly, display ads emerged as an effective tool when used across various platforms and online media outlets. The versatility in promotion channels became an essential part of the promotion strategy for Swisslos’s gamified campaigns, allowing Swisslos to reach their diverse target audience on the channel they preferred.

The overarching lesson was clear: a multi-tiered, tailored approach, underpinned by a deep understanding of user preferences and behavior, is key in the lead nurturing landscape. By repeatedly providing customers a fun way to engage with the Swisslos brand, trust is built which ultimately leads to loyal customers.

A Glimpse into the Future for Swisslos

Swisslos’s decision to incorporate gamification into its strategic lead nurturing approach has paid dividends. By leveraging gamification, Swisslos did not only collect leads; they attracted prospects with high potential, eventually nudging many into starting to use their own money and become active players. For the future, Swisslos is planning to continue publishing a “game of the month” every month to attract and captivate potential players and then nurture the newcomers to convert them. Moreover, Swisslos decided to expand the use of gamification to its sub-brand Sporttip, with the initial goal to identify anonymous betters who play directly at the POS and don’t have to leave a lead, as if they would when playing online.

In conclusion, Swisslos envisions an accelerated lead funnel, swiftly transforming prospects into users. And the endgame? To ensure these users take the leap into active users and evolve into recurring players, enriching the Swisslos community in the long run.

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