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Revolutionizing Customer Engagement: How Visana Leverages Gamification in the Insurance Sector

Understanding the transformative power of gamification in forging enduring relationships and enriching user experience, Visana, a leading health insurance provider in Switzerland, has embraced this innovative strategy to go beyond transient interactions and cultivate sustained loyalty among its clientele.

By integrating gamification elements across various platforms and touchpoints, Visana has enhanced user engagement and strengthened the bond between its clients and its multifaceted brand.

An important area where gamification comes into play is in promoting Visana’s commitment to sponsoring various Swiss sporting events. This perfectly reflects their mission to promote the well-being and active lifestyle of the Swiss population.

Who is Visana?

Visana is among Switzerland’s leading health insurance providers, renowned for its comprehensive portfolio of insurance solutions extending beyond mere health coverage to include accident and property insurance. Headquartered in the heart of Bern, Visana has a longstanding tradition of ensuring the well-being of Swiss residents, endorsing a holistic approach to health and well-being. The company’s ethos revolves around fostering a sense of security and trust among its clientele. By emphasizing personal consultation and customer-oriented services, Visana is a prominent figure in the Swiss insurance industry.

Beyond their dedication to comprehensive healthcare solutions, Visana also carves a distinctive mark through its active engagement in sponsorships, particularly within sports. Recognizing the intrinsic link between physical activity and overall well-being, Visana proudly sponsors a variety of sporting events and teams across Switzerland.

This commitment not only underscores their belief in the transformative power of sports for individual health but also reiterates their role as an involved, supportive pillar in the broader Swiss community. By aligning with the passion and vitality of sports, Visana goes beyond being a traditional insurance company, advocating a holistic vision of health that resonates on and off the field.

Visana’s Multifaceted Marketing Challenge

In the dynamic landscape of insurance, Visana stands amidst intensifying competition, battling not only for market share but also for the hearts and minds of its customers. Insurance, by nature, is a complex product, often entailing intricate details that are crucial to customer understanding and satisfaction.

The challenge for Visana, therefore, is two-fold: firstly, in a sea of similar offerings, they must distinguish themselves, ensuring that their brand resonates louder and more apparent than others. This requires more than just unique services; it demands a brand persona that sets them apart. A further challenge Visana faces is to highlight their significant involvement in sports sponsorships, an admirable effort that, surprisingly, remains relatively unknown to many, but can have a big impact when it comes to convincing customers of its commitment for the community.

These two challenges present a dual mission for Visana: not only must they find innovative ways to educate and engage potential and current customers about their comprehensive insurance portfolio, but they also have the task of illuminating their role as passionate supporters of the Swiss sports community.

In essence, Visana aspires to be more than just an insurance provider; they aim to be seen as a modern, community-driven entity that stands at the intersection of healthcare and sports enthusiasm.

Gamification: Visana’s Innovative Leap Forward

To navigate its multiple challenges, Visana turned to the transformative power of gamification, a modern marketing approach tailored to engage and educate simultaneously. With its ability to captivate users, gamification presented an optimal solution for Visana to amplify brand awareness in a saturated market. More than just a tool for engagement, gamified experiences like quizzes offer a unique blend of entertainment and education. Visana cleverly uses gamification to create several quizzes with the aim to transfer knowledge about important, but complex topics, in a playful way. Simultaneously, Visana uses the interactive quizzes to generate qualitative leads which can be contacted at a later stage.

In addition to using gamification for knowledge transfer, Visana also uses gamification to meet its challenge of raising public awareness of its involvement and sponsorship of various sporting events in Switzerland.

By integrating gamification elements in the context of its sports sponsorships, the insurance company is able to create interactive activities explicitly tailored to specific sporting events. On-site, these games engage participants and not only provide entertaining challenges, but also seamlessly redirect players to Visana’s website, introducing potential customers to its comprehensive range of services.

This approach not only highlights and deepens Visana’s connection to the sports community but also positions Visana as an insurer that’s innovative, involved, and intrinsically tied to the passions of its audience.

Catalyzing Engagement: Why Visana Partners with Brame for Gamification Excellence

Visana has partnered with Brame for gamification solutions due to various aspects of Brame’s offerings that align perfectly with Visana’s objectives. The most significant of these is Brame’s intuitive tool interface, which simplifies campaign creation and has a flexible layout. This flexibility ensures that games can be easily customized to reflect Visana’s branding, resonate with relevant events, and enable the company to remain adaptable in a constantly changing marketplace.

Moreover, Visana places a high value on the exceptional customer service provided by Brame. Whether it’s prompt and effective responses to inquiries or the extra mile Brame goes to accommodate special requests, this reliability in support plays a crucial role in fostering trust.

In addition, Visana appreciates the quality of leads they can collect with their gamified marketing campaigns. By emphasizing the attraction of younger demographics as future clientele, Visana has realized that through Brame’s gamification strategies, they can effectively engage and gather qualitative leads from these key target groups in a playful and engaging way.

The collaboration between the two companies is further strengthened by Brame’s proactive approach in offering frequent inputs and strategic workshops. These sessions help ensure that Visana’s marketing plan and goals align with the subsequent planned gamified campaigns, creating a synergized approach to achieving their objectives.

Results: Impressive Outcomes through Gamification

See for yourself how Visana uses gamification to excel in creating genuine customer engagement at sports events.


Visana’s Basketball Dropper: Elevating Sports Sponsorships

Visana’s innovative Basketball Dropper campaign at the 3×3 Basketball Trophy event was met with astounding success. Over a single week, the campaign drew the attention of over 2,200 visitors. A whopping 87% of those players finished the game, reflecting the Basketball Dropper’s compelling engagement capabilities. An impressive result was achieved by one of the game’s top scorers, as this player remained completely focused on the Dropper game for an astounding 20 minutes, exceeding all expectations.

Regarding zero-party data capture, the campaign achieved a respectable lead conversion rate of 31% among those who completed the game. Overall, the Dropper offered players an immersive and enjoyable way to interact with both Visana and the exhilarating world of basketball. Following this triumph at the Zurich Main Station event, there was evident excitement and anticipation for the upcoming event in Lausanne later that year.

Visana Sprint Game: Amplifying Engagement at Visana Sprint Events

The “Visana Sprint” events, organized by Visana in cooperation with Swiss Athletics, are renowned running events that unite the Swiss community to celebrate athleticism and speed. Recognizing the potential for elevating brand engagement during these events, Visana cleverly incorporated a gamified Visana Sprint Game.

The game was promoted on-site at each venue throughout the series of events with a QR code printed on a snack, not only providing entertainment but also reinforcing Visana’s brand presence.

The outcomes of the Visana Sprint Game were impressive. The game attracted more than 1,000 visitors at a single event, and a compelling lead conversion rate of 38% was recorded. Furthermore, participants were so captivated by the game, that the average engagement time clocked in at nearly 90 seconds per player — a truly outstanding result.

Key Learnings from Visana’s Gamification Journey

As Visana looks back at its journey with gamification, several valuable insights emerged that have shaped their future approach. Gamification, especially at events, has proven to be a robust tool for enhanced customer engagement. It’s not just about the interactive element; it’s the refreshing break from traditional, static promotions that attract the crowds. Whenever Visana uses gamification for an event, they carefully tailor the game to match the event’s design, crafting a seamless bridge between the online and offline worlds. This holistic integration has yielded brilliant results, particularly among younger target groups.

Adding prizes to the mix, even modest ones, boosts participation — the allure of winning a challenge and receive a reward sparks the human sense for competition.

In addition, the promotion of gamification campaigns in social media is another important part of the strategy. Social media not only offer another platform on which to advertise, but also reach younger sections of the population and extend Visana’s reach.

What’s noteworthy is that the younger target group seems to get “hooked” on these gamification campaigns. They eagerly anticipate upcoming campaigns, allowing Visana to use gamification not only for fun but also to educate players about their services and important topics in the insurance sector. This is realized through more knowledge-based game types, which incorporate interactive quizzes, deepening their understanding and connection to Visana’s offerings.

A New Horizon: Visana’s Vision for Gamified Customer Engagement

As Visana peers into the future, they want to start focusing more on customer segmentation strategies. The company sees immense potential in leveraging game types like personality tests to start better understanding and categorizing their diverse clientele. This segmentation goes hand-in-hand with an ongoing commitment to harnessing gamification for public events, with a keen eye on using gamification for popular sports events like hockey and football.

Moreover, Visana wants to tap into new game types to offer its customers a variety of entertaining options to interact with the brand, ensuring that engagement remains fresh, dynamic, and ever-evolving.

Yet, beyond pure entertainment, education remains a cornerstone of Visana’s mission. The company envisions itself as not just an insurer but as a holistic Swiss brand committed to enriching the lives of its customers. Through this dual approach of education and fun, Visana seeks to redefine what it means to deliver an exceptional customer experience, carving out a niche as a holistic insurer that both informs and delights.

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