What Is Advergaming And Will It Work For Your Business? | Brame

What Is Advergaming And Will It Work For Your Business?

Explore the world of advergaming, a strategic marketing frontier where game environments seamlessly integrate branding messages. This comprehensive guide delves into the evolution, psychology, and types of advergames, offering insight into their benefits and challenges. Learn how to effectively implement advergaming in your marketing strategy and stay ahead in the online market.

Advent Calendar

Unlocking The Magic Of Advent Calendar: 5 Inspiring Gamified Campaigns

Von klassischen Adventskalendern bis hin zu interaktiven Spielen und innovativen Vorlagen – es gibt so viele Möglichkeiten, die es zu entdecken gilt! Tauch ein in die bezaubernden Geschichten von Adventskampagnen, die letztes Jahr die Herzen der Kunden gewonnen haben. Mach dir Notizen, lass dich inspirieren und setze deiner Fantasie keine Grenzen, wenn du daran arbeitest, dein eigenes mitreißendes Weihnachtsmarketing auf die Beine zu stellen.

What Is Gamification Marketing? | Brame

What Is Gamification Marketing?

The marketing landscape has evolved from mass communication to direct, data-driven marketing. Gamification is based on two-way communication between individuals, where the receiver gives feedback to the sender. Find out how gamification marketing can be leveraged to make a real-world impact, especially in business.

21 Black Friday Marketing Ideas To Factor Into Your Strategy | Brame

21 Black Friday Marketing Ideas To Factor Into Your Strategy

Dive into Black Friday marketing: what works, and what to avoid. We share 21 game-changing ideas and seven essential success tips for your business. This guide offers insights for maximum brand visibility and optimal sales performance during the most anticipated shopping event of the year. You will be able to navigate the competitive season with confidence, ensuring your campaigns resonate and drive results.


Our 15 Holiday Marketing Tips To Increase Holiday Sales

Want to know how electronic products retailer Conrad attracted over 22K unique visitors in only one week during Black Friday? Or how legendary Swiss football club FC St. Gallen secured a 50% increase of merchandise sales? Both of these powerful brands leveraged commemorative holiday marketing and gamification. In this post, we look at how to prepare your brand for the festive season and increase holiday sales.

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