What Is Omnichannel Marketing? Complete Guide For Marketers

Did you know that 74% of customers use multiple channels to complete a purchase? Dive into the world of omnichannel marketing with our detailed guide. Learn about its advantages, key elements, and see how leading brands like Disney, Amazon, and Starbucks successfully implement this strategy. Plus, we share 6 steps to develop an omnichannel marketing plan for your business.

15 Retail Strategies To Drive Footfall And Boost Sales | Brame

15 Retail Strategies To Drive Footfall And Boost Sales

The retail landscape is radically expanding. Brick-and-mortar stores increasingly provide digital experiences to attract customers and increase sales. By 2024, it is projected that almost half of all ecommerce will happen on mobile phones. Do you have strategies in place to keep pace with consumer demands? We look at 15 viable retail strategies to keep expanding your store.


How To Use A Marketing Game To Engage New Customers

Gamification impacts everyday life. We have moved beyond the adage, “Is there an app for that?” because digital experiences are already ingrained in how we work, shop, and entertain ourselves. Brands are using a variety of gaming concepts to attract and retain customers. We share three scenarios for successfully implementing a marketing game at your company.

The Innovative Impact Of Business Gamification | Brame

The Innovative Impact Of Business Gamification

Using gamification in marketing produces real-world results such as increased sales, loyalty program memberships, and newsletter signups. But what are the specific, measurable benefits of business gamification? Learn how five innovative companies have successfully incorporated game mechanics into their core business processes to ultimately improve customer experience.

How To Create Branded Games That Grow Your Business | Brame

How To Create Branded Games That Grow Your Business

Did you know that around 37% of people worldwide are gamers? This means that a significant number of your customers likely enjoy playing games during their leisure time. With this in mind, have you ever considered creating branded games as a way to boost brand recognition, customer loyalty, and sales? Our comprehensive guide can help you learn how to plan, design, and create engaging branded games for your business, step by step.


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